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    Mac Lion 10.7.3, LR 4.1, CS6, Canon 5D Mark III and all the plug ins upgraded! Need the RAW update!


      My workflow has tripple because nothing wants to run smoothly! I am so bent because Adobe, Canon, Apple and every other plug-in software provider can't seam to get on the samer fricken page and I've spent BIG $ over the last 2 months trying to make everything run better... Where is the latest RAW?


      I Purchased the Upgraded Adobe LR 4.1, CS6 Beta & got the Canon 5D Mark III, Mac Pro server update to Lion, WHEN is next dot release Camera Raw? My workflow has trippled in time because of this issue. I'm so frustrated with having to convert images in a slowed up piece of crap canon software package and then wait another decade for the newest LR to load the images I could crap fire! Come on Adobe, where's the release? After a few grand you'd think we'd get a better response time. As for Canon, they are not consistant with community software sharing and can kiss my *!! because to leave Adobe hanging sux!


      There should be new laws that penalize jerks that screw with workflow!


      Time is money, let's go Adobe!