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    fm10: 'Adobe PDF' disappeared from Print Setup. Help?

    jaggedpeak Level 2

      So, I'm working on my client's notebook (I'm on site) with Frame10 installed. It was working fine last time I used it.


      Went to print a book to 'Adobe PDF' and the option is no longer in my Print Setup.


      Only thing that has changed since last use is the system tried (and failed) to load the 10.1.3 Acrobat X Pro update. (Currently running 10.1.2).

      I can still run Acrobat Pro X with no problems.

      I can still generate PDFs from Word with no problems.


      So... the question is... how to I get Adobe PDF back into FrameMaker as a valid option? (I'm blanking and my searches are coming up useless.)


      Thanks for any pointers.