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    Multiple-Disc Project


      I'm creating a project that will contain 6 messages of a series on 2 single-layer discs. Is it possible to work on both discs in one Encore project? Or do I need to create a separate project for each disc?

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Separate projects. However, you can set up one project (or just set up the menus etc), then do a save as. Finish one in the save as project, and then go back to the original project name and do the other.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I often do multi-disc Projects, and use Stanley's workflow. I create a separate Sequence for each disc, in PrPro, and then, depending on how many discs I will be creating in the Project, will create a "template" Project in En, with all common Assets, folder structures, etc. Until the Project is complete, I will actually do a Save, and then make a "backup copy" of that Project, in case I forget the next step.


            I then Open my template Project, Import the unique Assets, as the appropriate setting, i.e. my Video as a Timeline. At that point, I do a Save_As, so as to NOT overwrite that template, and do my work there. After that disc has been burned, I just Open that template, and repeat for the next PrPro Sequence, representing Disc 2, etc.


            I've done up to 17 discs, that way.


            Good luck,



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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I often do multi-disc Projects, and use Stanley's workflow.Hunt

              Of course, that was me recommending Bill's Workflow!

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                robertsonm84 Level 1

                Thanks for the tip guys. Is this an uncommon process to create multiple-disc projects? Seems like there would be a more fluid work flow.


                We have been doing individual discs for each message in a series, and I have been doing all the duplication in-house (Bill, I believe you introduced me to the Shark several months ago in a post I did, still haven't used it..). I found a local studio that does duplication and printing of the entire package for about the same price I'm paying now to do it in-house (minus all my time!). So this will be a process that will continue with each series. It would be great to be able to stay in one project vs going back and forth. But then again, I'm still new to editing, so in time I'll gain more confidence.


                Bill, I'm interested in what you mean by creating a separate sequence for each disc. I create a Premiere project based on the series and have a sequence for each message, then export them out as MPEG-2 DVD. I do the math with my bitrate settings to make sure I am not over compressing the video and fill up the disc as much as I can. Then I import each week as a timeline in Encore. Is this what you mean?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  In my case, the Project is not so much a series, but one major Projec, that will go to multiple discs.


                  Each Sequence is a "scene," or a "chapter," as I think of them, and edit them.


                  From you description, it would seem that a unique Project for each disc in your series, might be easier to manage.


                  Now, like I do in En, I also have created a few "template" Projects, with my common elements already Imported, my Bin structure, as I want it, etc., and then do a Save_As. I Open that "template" Project, and much of the work is done. I immediately do a Save_As, so as to not overwrite my "template Project," and then Import the unique Assets into it, for editing.


                  Good luck,