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    Converted PDFs in InDesign are too BIG!

    LyceumPublishingPJ Level 1

      I am a recently employed designer for a magazine and have been at the company for 4 months. At the end of creating an issue, I convert it to a PDF using the settings sent by the printers. Typically the end file size is around 300mb (before I joined, the previous designer had a typical file size of 1gb), but this issue was just over 1gb! I have done nothing different to how I have converted the mag before. At the end of converting the mag to PDF, I extract the PDFs as single files. I compared the file size for the 'editors page' (which doesn't really change, same content, different text), last month the file was 1.4mb, this months was 9.8mb! I have no idea why the overall PDF (and individual PDFs) is so much bigger than the previous month(s).... PLEASE HELP!