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    PSE 8 catalog in custom location not shown in catalog list

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      I am trying to help a client recover from a computer problem. She was having several types of problems with her PC a couple of months ago. PSE 8 seemed to be working ok at the time, and my memory tells me I Reconnected all missing files (if there were any), Repaired and Optimized, as is my usual practice. I then did a full backup to an external drive. She then had her son fix her computer in some way shape or form. He lives out of state. I got a call and she said she was ready for me to get her PSE 8 back up and running.


      When I got there, we discovered she did not have the PSE 8 CDs. She he bought it online from Adobe but never copied it to a CD etc. We decided she would buy PSE 10 and download it. I had never downloaded any from the Adobe Store and was totally shocked to discover it was a three hour download. Other equally large files I have downloaded from Adobe would have taken 20-30 min. While it was downloading I even went hoe and started the download on my internet connection. It would have taken an equal amount of time. Sorry, I strayed.


      After we installed PSE 10, I did a Restore from the PSE 8 backup I made a couple of months ago. I have done this many times over the years with very good results. We got a message saying the catalog was successfully restored. But when I went to convert it to PSE 10, an error appeared saying the conversion failed and we shoulf try restoring it on to PSE 8 and try abother Backup.


      That's the background. I do still have PSE 8 on a PC at home. I restored the Catalog to a custonm location (a second internal drive). All of the 5300 pictures or visible, tags appear to be in order etc.


      But before trying a Back-up I wanted to Repair and Opimize the Catalog (named my Catalog). But with the catalog visible, the area where I expected to see [Current] is blank, and the Repair etc buttons are grayed out. I'm stumped. The only think I can think to do is to back another backup and try to restore that one on her PSE 10 after I dry run it at home.


      I'f attached a screen shot showing the dialog box in quesation. I now see where it is quite small, you should be able to see the areas of the screen I'm referring to.


      I'm stumped. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.


      TIARenee Custom Location not in window ad all choices grayed out..png