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    Automatically scaling/sizing a PDF file


      I support a web-based application that includes a query tool which allows the user to generate a PDF file from the query results. The PDF file is generated in landscape orientation and contains several columns of data. If a user wants to print the PDF file, the user must change the page sizing so that the printed content fits the paper size. If the user does not change the page sizing and prints the PDF using the actual size option, the outermost columns are truncated from the printed results.


      When a software application renders a PDF, is it possible to automatically resize PDF? It would be great if the user could print the PDF without having to change the page sizing.


      I am not a developer, and I do not even know if I am asking this question in the appropriate forum. I am a technical writer trying to do some initial research on what I perceive to be an unfriendly process for our users. If I can get some confirmation on whether the automatic scaling/sizing is possible, I can convey that to the developers so that they may research it further. Thanks for your patience.