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    Image in Links panel displays as overset but may not exist


      I am having a serious problem with an InDesign file and of course the blueline corrections were due half an hour ago. An image is appearing in my links panel as hidden in overset text. There is no overset text showing in my preflight profile. I can't go to the image since it gives me an error message indicating that it is hidden in overset text. This appeared for the first time in the file a couple of hours ago during which time, I have not placed any images.


      Exporting to idml, deleting prefs and other types of options has not helped including going to the structured panel and trying to find the file or preceived file by ID in the Story editor. Is there any other way to remove this image from the Links panel? I believe this is what is also causing my system to slow to a crawl. This is a college schedule which has been linked to InCopy files. I have deleted the links to InCopy in case that was part of the problem but nothing seems to make a difference.


      This is a Mac using InDesign CS5.5.