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    real number returned with comma as decimal delimiter

    Claude Level 1

      I have CF9 installed on W7 using an Access database.
      In a table I have a currency value of

      The windows is French, but I have set the delimiter for both the decimal values AND currency values to dot instead of comma.

      Though I get this error in CF:

      The value -488,7 cannot be converted to a number.

      CF is receiving the value with a comma instead of a dot.

      - If I browse the table under Access, the value is correctly displayed with a dot.

      - If I modify the column type to teTEXT instead of real or currency, the value is converted to text with a dot, and there is no error in CF.

      Obviously a conversion from dot to comma is made in some other layer, but where?

      I've checked in the ODBC connection and found nothing.


      Any idea?