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    Why won't PSE 10 Organizer import files from certain files?


      I have recently upgraded my PC.

      The PC is running windows 7 and PSE 10.

      I copied all the photos from my old PC to a disk on the new PC.

      These are orginised in sub folders (with the download date as the folder name)

      I then imported the folders into PSE organizer, using:


        "get photos and videos"

            "from files and folders"


      This appeared to go OK, but there are some sub folders which will not import into the catalog.


      If I try to import the files from the folder indiviually, I get a message box reporting that the files already exist in the catalogue.

      But try as I might I cannot find these files in the main catalog.

      I know the files are not damaged as I can greate a new catalog and import the files into this new catalogue with no issues.


      Is there a way of stopping the organizer checking for duplicate files?

      Is there a way of getting the organizer to tell me where the duplicates are?

      Or is there another way of getting these files into the main catalogue?


      Thanks is advance