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    How do I create a Product Search


      I am new to BC and are finding it very frustrating. The documentation is poor and I am expected to pay as a partner if I want better? Anyway, enough ********... here's an example (and the one I need help for!) of why I am so frustrated.


      I am trying to implement a Product Search in my store, but when I search the "how to" I get this: http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/652/bc_652.html the "How to set up a Product Search" knowledgebase article... which does not tell me (maybe I am blind?!) how to set up a Product Search... and links in the article are broken...


      How do I set up a product search please? I cannot find the template in "Site Search" modules... what am I missing? Thanks!

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there,

          The knowledgebase article is pretty straight forward.

          Under the module manager in the admin click - Catalogs, and then you can see the "Product Search Form" to input the form. You can grab that html and do with it and place it where you need to.

          Just like a site search you can send it do a new page for the results etc. All of that is in that knowledgebase article.

          What do you feel is missing or not explained?

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            mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

            Hi there,


            You're right. That article is broken. I'll note that down and get someone to fix it.


            Anyway, there are the steps:


            Go to a web page or the template you want to have your searh form on and click on Add module to a web page/template. You can also click on the little blue circle with the + sign it. This will open the module manager in the seperate frame on the right.


            You then click on Catalogue > Product Search Form > Insert. This will insert the search form into your page/ template wherever you've possioned your cursor.


            You can then style your form as per the article you've found.


            BTW (by the way), this is how you insert all modules in BC, through a module manager.