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    Export Layers to Files (png) Trim - but doesn't trim? CS5




      I'm stumped! I'm using CS5.. I select 'trim' on a png 'Export Layers to Files' script, but instead the single layers are each exported  onto the whole document size (which is much larger; but I need trimmed/cropped). So I end up with all the separate png layers exported (which is what I want), but each one on the original document size (in the same placing; seemingly with all other layers hidden on export).


      Does anyone know why this doesn't work for me? I tried another script that does exactly as I need (trims all the layers on export to the bare minimum), but it wont work when the layers are within a group (won't even open). Here is a link to that script:




      You can imagine I feel a bit stemmed in and blocked doing this simple task as both do separate things required, but not as a result. I don't understand why the 'trim' option is there if it doesn't.. well, trim? Maybe I have a bug? Something? Does the trim png option work for anyone else? Any help or tips much appreciated.


      Thank you!


      The reason for my wanting to keep layers within a group on export: I want to make colour adjustments to all separate layers in one go, and export that onto the separate png layers. The only way I can seem to do this is to place all layers in a group, and add a mask to adjust. Adding a mask outside a group, even if linked or selected/highlighted, doesn't seem to work..

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          Okay I have found the probelm. The problem with Export Layers to Files is when the layers are within a group and exported, it doesn't actually trim the layers.. even if the png option is ticked. Thye all come out in their respective postitioning in the original image/document size, but with all other blah blah blah yaaaaawn. Of course a layer mask outside of a group is merely an overlay so that is another wall come down which is really fantastic. I just wish it was a little harder to do this simple export because I'm not quite miserable enough yet which is a real shame so I may just start slamming my head down on the table. If anyone has a script for not slamming your head down on a table, blah blah boing blah.

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            Bizarrely I finally have this working with this script:




            The scipt won't run (or even open) with just the group, its mask and its containing layers. But, if I have a couple of random layers ontop of the group (whatever.. lines/shapes/words), the script will open! Yey. Stranger still (but works so don't care), the random layers ontop of the group aren't exported.. just the layers within the group; all nicely trimmed and with the desired masking exported on each layer too. Nice.


            Thank you scriptsrus! Muchos gracias.

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              No that hasn't solved it either. I only tested on one shape within a group (with masking effect applied), and a load of shapes outside that group. Exported was the groups singled containing trimmed layer. Try that with a load of layers within a group, and tay all get exported out as one. Trimmed, but only as far as the farthest out (or closest to the edge of the document).


              I think this simply can't be done yet in photoshop. Weird, and frustrating. Lovely.

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                Hi, ran into this problem using CS6, what's more frustrating is that it worked the first time I used it on a file with with many different groups of layers and when it took so long, I shrunk the file by taking out a group that was specific to my needs and it started not working.. I never got to figure out why, but I did what this guy says:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKJqLLpusJg   to finish the job... maybe useful..