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    blurred pics

    hot phoenix

      I imported pics (jpeg) from a dvd backup and in LR4 they are blurred and message says missing file or offline.Can i fix this somehow or are these pics just useless?

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          adobe-admin Adobe Employee

          I am going to move this to the Lightroom forum.


          Did you copy the images from the DVD to your hard drive? Or did you import them in place on the DVD?

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            hot phoenix Community Member

            I imported them directly from the dvd.

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              Cornelia-I Community Member

              Sounds as if you had imported the pics in place and removed the DVD quite early - too early for Lightroom to have finished rendering its own previews.


              So I'd suggest the following approach:

              1. Check your Catalog Settings - File handling for the size you specified for standard previews. If you want smooth browsing choose a pixel size matching your monitor's resolution.
              2. Re-insert your DVD.
              3. In Library module select all thumbnails belonging to that DVD and choose module Library-Render Standard-sized previews.
              4. Leave the DVD in and your computer running until no activity bar is shown any more in LR top left corner.


              Even if you remove the DVD afterwards and LR will correctly report the files as offline you should be able to see them *well enough* in all modules outside Develop.


              I hope this will address your issue.


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                Geoff the kiwiw MVP

                On point 1 of Cornelia's response I'll add the size of previews ought to be larger than your screen pixel width, use the next step up in Lightroom Catalog Settings. Also you could use 1:1 also.

                While your DVD is not in the drive you will not be able to Develop the images at all.

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                  hot phoenix Community Member

                  Thanks for the direction and also to geoff,you both helped alot. Just started learning LR4,thanks again




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