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    Need help getting around limitation.

    Lukewind Level 2

      Ok I am gonna try and make this simple.  I have a website I have been working on and the person I am doing it for was very specific about the design.  I wanted to use a menu widget because he wanted a drop down box showing different options/pages when they click on products.  I could not achieve this easily with a widget becasue you cannot break the menu widget apart. All the buttons have to stay side by side.     So in order to help my client out I used a tooltip widget to create the dropdown menu.  Please check it out here to see how I did it. Click on products and you can see what i made using the tooltip widget.  The main problem now is that once someone clicks on it the tooltip stays and wont go away even once moving away from it.   I set it to "on rollover", but that does not allow you to select a page from the dropdown so I cant use that option.


      What I want to know is how can I possibly build a dropdown menu system that functions properly and use the design that I am currently using.  Is it even possible? 



      I do hope someone replies. Ever since adobe moved the forums here responses seem to take forever.

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          Zak Williamson Adobe Employee

          Muse supports both automatic menus and manual menus. An automatic menu is automatically populated either with the top level page names or with all the page names in the Plan view hierarchy. (Individual pages can be excluded via Page Properties or via the right click menu on a page in Plan view.) If the Menu Type in the widget options (the panel off the blue dot) is set to Manual, then you have full control over adding and deleting menu items and submenus. For your example you could create a manual menu with one menu items and 5 submenu items.

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            Lukewind Level 2

            Thank you very much Zak, I know you guys are busy finishing MUSE, I truly appreciate you helping me out. 



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              Lukey Poop

              I had this issue going way back and I reported it and asked for a fix on the previous help website. Basically the tooltip needs an option that makes the popup disappear when the user mouse-outs on the trigger area AND the popup area, otherwise the tooltip widget is useless for this kind of navigation.


              I appreciate that the Muse team are working hard on getting things done, but this seems like something that would be really simple to implement and would open up a HUGE new way of enhancing usability in navigation. Drop-down menus that include descriptive text, photographs, graphics etc.



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                Primal Atom

                Hi Lukey Poop...


                Did you ever get a reasonable response to this... ? I looked at your site, and it seems that you have it working, but I don't know how you did it, as I'm in the same frame of mind as your April question.

                (I have tried Tooltip, but "Close" option, still doesn't work and no answer in the forums... and Adobe has the audacity to charge us for this!!!? Also, tried manual "Vertical Menu" but I can't get it the "Height" dimesion to go lower than it's preset--about 50px. And I'm experienced with using this time-sync product.)


                If you could find the time, could you explain what you did, as this is exactly what I---and pretty much EVERYBODY, building a website--needs.



                - Primal Atom

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                  Zak Williamson (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                  If you're referring to the page at http://pgl0.businesscatalyst.com/index.html where the menu appears as:


                  Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 8.53.21 PM.png


                  From looking at the HTML here's my assessment. The "ABOUT US", "INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS" and "GALLERY" links appear to be Muse text frames with hyperlinks applied. The "PRODUCTS" item is a horizontal menu with menu type set to Manual. It has one item at the top level and the five submenu items added manually with hyperlinks applied to link to the corresponding pages.


                  FWIW, I agree close box functionality should be added to the non-lightbox modes of the Composition widget (that fact the Close box checkbox is not disabled in other modes is very misleading). There should also be a rollover mode where the target stays visible until the user rolls off both the target and the trigger. These improvements to the Composition widget just haven't made it to the top of the priority list, yet.