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    CS6 Feature: Media Browser and Preview in Files Panel

    _durin_ Rockstar

      Another two-fer feature overview for Audition CS6.  When we started the re-write for Auditino CS5.5, it quickly became clear that the hack Audition 3 used to enable preview within the Open File dialog was no longer going to fly.  With Windows 7 and OS X, the APIs to customize these dialogs were lacking or potential pitfalls of programming peril, and the unfortunate decision was made to not include them with CS5.5.  Additionally, and at no fault of Microsoft or Apple, preview within the Files panel was not implemented.  These two missing tools unleashed a pretty loud cry from our users.  I hope our answer to these requests in CS6 will satisfy everyone.




      It's not a glamorous feature by any means, but so crucial and glaring when it's missing.  Like oxygen.  So breathe free with preview in the Files panel!  Yes, all your favorites are back including Loop Play toggle, and Auto-Play!  You may even hide the panel transport if you really don't care about it!  And even then, when you realize how nice it was to have but are too stubborn to expose it again, you can secretly toggle Auto-Play and Loop from the panel menu.  It'll be our little secret.  I'll never tell...


      Screen shot 2012-04-18 at 10.38.55 AM.pngScreen shot 2012-04-18 at 10.36.27 AM.png
      Note the mini time display when playing or after pausing preview, and the ability to sort files by open order or last-accessed order.





      A feature so nice I should probably have written about it first.  You get what you pay for, however, and these forums are a free service.  Who needs an Open File dialog, which is only available when you need to open a file but provides little value otherwise?  There's likely some reason they've been so popular the last 30 or more years of application UI design, but Audition CS6 has a little something more useful.


      Easily browse your local drives, removable and thumb drives, and mounted network locations from within Audition!  Preview files without opening them!  Filter out unsupported media!  Create Shortcuts to your favorite locations! I know, right?!


      Screen shot 2012-04-18 at 10.51.29 AM.png

      But wait, that's not all!  Drag-and-drop your assets into the Files panel or directly into your multitrack session timeline!  Insert into a new or existing CD Layout!  Send a group of files into the Match Volume panel for amplitude/ITU Loudness adjustment!  Even reveal the file directly in your OS file explorer!  Hide the left-hand Root location panel and use the fancy little dropdown selector at the top of the panel!  There's a lot going on in this panel, and it comes FREE with your purchase of Adobe Audition CS6.

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          Teetow1 Newcomer

          You're just churning 'em out today, Durin! Have to say, as far as media browsers go, this one looks very comprehensive. And to think, it's free!


          Here's one thing I'd love to see in a media browser: Audio thumbnails. If you've ever been to http://www.freesound.org/ , they have these lovely little amplitude / spectrogram hybrid blobs to quickly give you an idea of how the sound is structured. This comes especially handy when your source material may have multiple takes in one file, separated by silence. Just one little wish for the future... =)

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            _durin_ Rockstar

            I have always liked freesound's thumbnails.  Currently, our Media Browser does not cache directory contents, so we wouldn't be able to store those thumbnails but would be forced to generate them one-by-one each time you viewed a folder.  There are some additional features I'd like to see that would benefit from an indexed model, though, so it might not be a pipe dream..

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              Bob Howes Rockstar

              I have more than a terabyte of old sound effects over the years stored on a mix of external hard drives and CDs (some of which are red book and some are CD Rom.  My indexing is rubbish because I'm a sound guy not a librarian.


              I suspect your media browser and preview in files feature will become more popular with me than the oxygen you mentioned.  Oxygen is over rated.


              ....waiting with bated breath for the day you announce I can download the trial!

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                RJRadio Newcomer

                Oh my.  The media browser is going to be my new best friend.


                This release is really looking like a winner all around.

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                  SJDuff Newcomer



                  BUT....will we be able to set the Preview to play at current session tempo/bmp?



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                    We got a similiar problem. Why we can't preview any sounds in media browser during playing the session? When I want to preview any sound in media browser the multitrack stops. In Audition 3 was much easier to select background music, when we heard voice over in background. Thank you in advance for help.

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                      I LOVE the Media Browser in AA CS6, however, is there any kind of search functionality in the media browser (rather than bumbling around folder trees trying to find boot footsteps)?  And if not, could that be added to an update rather than in the next version?  My upgrade to CS6 is pretty much assured; it would just be less irksome if a media search function could be implemented into this version rather than the next...  or if it's already there, DO tell me!  That would be most exciting!

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                        _durin_ Rockstar

                        Quick responses to the last few posts.  It's far too sunny on this beautiful saturday afternoon to spend much time in here


                        Only one player may be playing at any one time, so starting playback in Media Browser will stop playback in Multitrack, or in the Files Panel..  I'll make sure we've got a feature request in place for this functionality, however it is going to rely upon some other tech implemented first.  (Off the top of my head, mixing sample rates, advanced looping and tempo mapping, etc... which will also address Duff's question - no time remapping at this time.)


                        I hope to get searching into the Media Browser, but more than that, I'd like to explore a full cached library approach at some point.  Currently, we reload the contents of a folder when opened and do not retain a history of other files.


                        Thanks everyone.  I took the Media Browser on as one of my pet features for CS6 and it turned out very well.  Didn't get every little bell and whistle I wanted, but our engineering team did a great job implementing it.  Keep giving me feedback so we can make it better.

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                          Bob Howes Rockstar

                          Just a thought from me...


                          The search function suggested would work really well for me--I have a huge library that isn't all that nicely indexed (Best Scotty imitation:  "I'm a sound guy, not a librarian, cap'n!)


                          However, with my workflow, I'm less concerned with the idea of using the preview while a session is playing--and adjusting tempo/bpm in preview holds no interest for me at all.  It all sounds too complicated (a bit like making preview another track in MT) whereas I just use it to find the basics then drag things into the session to try them out there.


                          ...but, as always, I love hearing all the different ways there are to use Audition!

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                            Mikrofonika Newcomer

                            _durin_: We are glad that you are working about it, but as we understood we can expect this kind of functionality in next version of Audition? We are great fans of your software since cool edit. We are working on it for about 13 years and must admit that politics of your company is a suprise for us. Adobe 1.0. complete non stabile, 1,5 corrected, 2.0- perfect. 3.0 very good but with few shortcomings. We are waiting for an upgrade for our pack (2xAA 2.0 + 1xAA 3.0 + new work station). We were happy that we heard that version 5 is comming, but in our industry is useless. Version 6 without few small details would be acceptable, but we won't  buy incomplete software without patch support in full price. It is a fact that you made good job because restoration of advanced tools is very fine and the engine is shocking fast. Our proposal - please give us next version for test one day before publication. Tests are free because in our opinion it is best software in our job and we wont change it. We are waiting for version 7.0 .

                            Bob howes: I understand that it might be non important function for you, but please try to produce a sound commercial and match the music about 100-200 examples not using the preview, just by drag to the multitrack. Repeat this several hundred times. You will change your mind And this only one of many functionality of this button.

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                              ryclark Rockstar

                              As CS6 has only just come out you may have a pretty long wait for CS7 I would think.

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                                Mikrofonika Newcomer

                                It was about 6 months between premiere 5 and 6.