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    Will the Creative Suite CS6 run well on the latest MacBook Air?


      I am in the market for a mac and I would like to know how much performance would I be sacrificing for portability in choosing an Air. I currently run a Dell Studio 15 with a 1st-gen Quad-core i7 1.6gHz with 8GB of RAM. Obviously I cannot compare the two for various reasons, so that is just a gauge for what I am accostomed to. I have been told that an Air can run Photoshop, but not everyone pushes the program to the same degree or in the same way. Is there a quantifiable threshold for what the MacBook Air can handle in Photoshop, such as performance editing RAW files vs performance doing 3D work or Animation work? How does it perform running Photoshop and say, Illustrator, at the same time?


      I understand it may be too soon to tell...




      High Expectations...