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    Changing App Icon


      Hello. We recently changed the name of one of our magazines. Our Adobe rep told us to just update everything without changing the Adobe login that is used to create the magazine. That way we can keep all of our readers without starting over. Everything has been approved by Apple and the app is now live, yet the app icon has not changed. It is still the old icon with the old name even though all new art was used to create the app from the viewer builder. Is there any way to change this? Obviously this is a huge problem for us. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Did you actually update the app and submit the updated version?





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            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

            I've updated one of my app icons several times. Changing the app icons in Viewer Builder and then re-submitting the app is all that's required.

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              Lukeymonster Level 1

              Yes we did. We generated all new app art for the viewer builder, built the ad and submitted it last Friday. It was approved today at 11:30 and is now live on the App Store. We have updated a lot of apps before, but this is the first one with a name change. All of the other information, both in the app store and on the iPad itself has been updated.

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                Richard Brammer Level 1

                Did you have a look at the developer version of your app? Does it also have an updated app icon?

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                  Lukeymonster Level 1

                  Yes it does. Everything changed to the new icon and title in the dev app which is why we submitted. When you update the app on your tablet, everything within the app changes. The icon on the ipad itself changes. The new launch screen changes. If you look at our list of Apps in the viewer builder, the icon is updated to the new version. Plus all of our new and old issues are still inside which is great. Its just that the App store icon is still the old version, yet all of the updated descriptions and screenshots are there.


                  I apologize if i was a little unlcear earlier about which icons are not updated.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Today at 11:30? Give it a little time and it will show up as an update.





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                      Lukeymonster Level 1

                      Thanks Bob. Will this show up even after the initial update has gone through? Like I said in my last post, everything else has already be updated on the App Store. Do the icon's update a little slower?

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                        Lukeymonster Level 1

                        I let it sit over the weekend and still no update to the App Store icon. I submitted another build as an update to see if the App Store icon will change. We checked all of the art submitted in the build and it is all the new icon. It shows up in the dev version as all updated so we will see what happens.

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                          Lukeymonster Level 1

                          Hello all. A week has passed and Apple has appoved our new submission. To my dismay the app store icon is still our old version. I am at a loss and am starting to get quite a lot of heat for not being able to fix this. Is the only solution submitting a  new app for the magazine's changed title? This would mean losing all of our current readers and having to start again from 0 installs. Since we were originally told by our Adobe Reseller that all of this was as easy as submitting an update with new icons and descriptions, but using the same adobe account to build the folios, my superiors are expecting this to be resolved. So I guess unless I can somehow fix this quick, my other option is going to get me in even more hot water. Any assistance or advice here would be greatly appreciated.

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                            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                            I have no idea why your app icon didn't change. As I mentioned, I've changed my app icon three different times, and each time it works. I think your best approach is to rebuild your viewer with the new icons, save the .zip distribution file in a known location, and make sure you submit that .zip file to Apple. One possibility is that you resubmitted a previous .zip file. As I said, I don't know why that happened, and I haven't heard of it happening to anyone else.

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                              Lukeymonster Level 1

                              Thanks Bob. I have taken painstaking efforts to make sure I am using only one .zip at a time. I even cracked open one and the file iTunesArtwork shows our new icon. I have a message with screen shots off to Apple and also am trying to set up a support call with our reseller's tech department. I, like you, cannot figure out why everything else updated correctly except the iTunes store icon. I figured that I would attach a screen shot of the store and the viewer builder's Icon and Splash Screen page as well so you can see my issue.


                              photo.jpgScreen Shot 2012-03-02 at 4.09.24 PM (2).png

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                                Lukeymonster Level 1

                                I have been digging around in desperation. What I see from iTunes connect is that at some point a 170x170 icon is generated. Since we dont generate that for the viewer builder I have to assume Apple is processing that. Perhaps that is where there is a disconnect since we changed the name of the app without generating a new app. However, I am grapsing at straws at this point and am getting into areas I am not firmiliar with. I have sent a message of to Apple. Their auto response states that they get a high volume of emails daily and that they will get to me when the can so who knows when I will hear back from them.


                                Screen Shot 2012-03-02 at 4.17.50 PM copy.png

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                                  Lukeymonster Level 1

                                  Apple has responded with a preliminary support checklist. I went through that and sent it back. Hopefully we get the next level of support soon.

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                                    Lukeymonster Level 1

                                    Apple recreated everything and also had the same issues. Per Apple, the fix is to take down the current application and resubmit a new one in its place. This is not the same process as creating an update. Once the old app has been removed, the new submission will be processed with the correct icon. So we will be down for about a week while that app gets approved, but at least we wont loose all the current subscribers.

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                                      Lukeymonster Level 1



                                      I know this post is a few months old now, but we finally recieved a final resolution and I will post it here in case anyone needs this in the future.


                                      For us, just submitting a new version of the app with a new icon built into the binary from the Viewer Builder was not enough to get the store graphic to change. I spent some time talking with Apple and we resolved this issue by taking the following steps.


                                      The Large Icon Field is a locked field according to apple. It can only be changed when the app has been removed from sale. This unlocks the ability to change the app icon. When you submit a traditional update, the previous version stays live for sale until the update is approved and it either automatically goes up, or you realease it yourself. This causes a problem if you want the Large App Icon (store graphic) to change. So if anyone ever changes the name/icon art of an app that curretnly exists here are the steps we had to take.


                                      - In iTunes connect go to Rights and Pricing. Click SPECIFIC STORES in the line of text near the bottom of the window.


                                      - Click deselect all and then Save at the bottom (WARNING, this will remove the App from public view and put it into a state called DEVELOPER REMOVED FROM SALE.) It will be down for the entire time you take these steps.


                                      - Now that the app is in the Developer removed from sale state the large app icon field is unlocked and you can submit a new version.


                                      - When you are editing all of the new versions metatdata you will see a tool now that allows you to Change large app icon. This is where you can load in your new 512x512 icon.


                                      - Once everything is ready with your new version in iTunes Connect, upload your new Binary version that you have made from the Viewer Builder. You can use the existing App in the viewer builder, just replace all of the appropriate art and change the name if need be. IMPORTANT - so you don't loose your current audience, do not change the Adobe ID you use to submit folios. Since the Adobe ID is what ties all this together, changing it would be catastrophic.


                                      - Then just wait for your new app to be approved. Once it is, go back to rights and pricing and turn on the appropriate areas where you app is to be sold and you are done.


                                      We spent a lot of time trying to get this right so I hope this helps someone in the future.




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                                        Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                                        Thanks for taking the time to explain this, Luke. I've only changed the 72x72 app icon, never the 512x512 app icon. This is helpful information.

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                                          Lukeymonster Level 1

                                          No problem at all.