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    Spry Menue blue properties box missing?

    Hollymet Community Member

      Hi again


      I hope this is a quick fix!


      Ive done lots of work on the website today .. page by page by page grrrr, and now the little blue box which shows the properties, of the spry box is gone missing!  I think its just some thing silly but I REALLY need to reinstate the properties box as I dont want to loose all the work Ive done!

      Please pretty please do not reffer me to another turtorial, Ive read MANY, none of which seem to address my issue! I could really do with some human friendly help!


      (im not sure if this will help but the problem started after I cleaned up/deleted a few excess pages)

      Ive tried saving one of my working pages OVER the faluty index page, but the problem seems to follow/re-occur!


      Im pulling my hair out !