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    Custom Fileinfo Panel Deploy folder seems to be wrong in SDK documentation



      I am working on to create custom tab for the FileInfo panel. In the sdk pdf it mentions that for windows the deploy folder is /user/<username>/appdata/adobe/xmp/Custom File Info Panels/3.0/panels. I deployed my panel there but nothing came up in Photoshop. I then deployed the custom tab into C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\XMP\Custom File Info Panels\2.0\panels and it works.


      So, what is going on here? Is the deploy folder wrong in SDK? Or there is some way it should work from the first path (mentioned above)? Also, when I went to  /user/<username>/appdata/adobe/xmp there was no "Custom File Info Panels" folder. I had to create them manually. Does that indicate a problem?