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    Photoshop 9 Rolling Back Action and more...


      This fall I bought Photoshop Elements 9 to replace my version 7.  I was prompted to uninstall Version 7.  It got near the end, then a "rolling back action" occured and the uninstall failed.  I tried again to install version 9 and the same "rolling back action" message appeared.  i gave up on both products and have since decided to try installing 9 again....of course it doesn't work.  So I tried my version 7, only to find a message that "licencing for this product has expired".  I'm very frustrated, I tried calling customer service, but this is a misnomer, as there is no service unless I want to PAY for it.  I spent several hundred dollars on the two versions, why should I have to pay more money?  The online tips have been useless, sooo many steps and no results.  What do I do?