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    adobe browser lab doesn't work!


      Hey ,


      I am new in browser lab and i have a problem and need some help, i make a website in photoshop and convertit to htrml and css in dreamwaver

      i want to test my website in all broswer so i tried to connct in adobe browser lab i created adobe account and login to adobebroswer lab coay and past the url and get this meeage (invailed url fixed and try again)


      then try to conncet from Dreawaver cs5.5 and get this message ( your decoment must be saved under a root folder of a defined site , defined a new site containing this folder this file is in under the root folder of an exsitng site)


      Any help please



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          forMe1987222 Level 1

          Please any answer

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            MikeHarris33 Adobe Employee

            BrowserLab can be used directly in Dw - no need to copy the URL. Once you are in Dw and you have your main page loaded in the editing region of Dw you can goto menu bar: File -> Preview in Browser -> Adobe BrowserLab; This will launch a seperate browser window with Adobe BrowserLab. Once you are logged in you web page and related assets will be automatically sent to BL and sreenshots will be returned. You can also get to BrowserLab from within Dw via the Files panel, right click on your main page and select Preview in Browser -> Adobe BrowserLab; Finally you can get to BL via the CSLive panel.


            Thanks - Mike