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    InDesign asterisk does not go away even after saving


      I have a file in CS4 InDesign that I have made a number of changes to, and when I saved it, then opened it again, it had the asterisk next to the title, indicating that it needs to be saved, but all I did was OPEN it. I have a Mac using Snow Leopard (purchased in 2010) and I am currently using CS4 InDesign. Other than that, InDesign works fine. I have tried doing a SAVE AS, I have tried exporting the document as an IDML file, then opening in InDesign and saving, only to see the asterisk again. Sometimes, on other docs, exporting as an IDML works. I read it gets rid of the accumulated "junk" from multiple saves. Any ideas? Like I said, just 1 or 2 files. By the way, these files were done in CS4--not an earlier version of CS, as I know that would say CONVERTED next to the name, which this does not.