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    InDesign CS5.5 debug build


      Hi All,


      I have sucessfully installed indesign cs5.5 debug on my windows XP SP3.


      On running the application I have got following Aseert message one after another.

      - Cannot load plugin FONT MANAGER.RPLN

      - ObjectModel ID kDlgDialogObserverImpl is multiply defined by plugin 0xbe9500

      - ObjectModel ID kClusterRadiowidgetnewid is multiply defined by plugin 0xaba1a30

      - ObjectModel ID kRfhnewMidBookListGroupPanelWidgetID is multiply defined by plugin 0xaba1a30

      - FillOutInterfaceInfo - Impl kRfhSuiteTextCSBImpl not yet registered. Missing from factory list resource in plugin kRfhPluginID?

      - Cannot load plugin SING.APLN

      - About to use nil interface ptr! Queried IID was FontMgrPrefix + 4 (0x3e04), on Boss kWorkspaceBoss


      Then aftter Indesign application gets crashed.


      I have following softwares installed at my side


      1. Visual Studio 2008

      2. Visual Studio 2005

      3. Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (The regular SP1, not the Windows Vista/Win7 specific service pack)


      I have also deleted preference files.


      Please let me know the required system configuration to run cs5.5 debug build.





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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          (I have moved your thread to the InDesign SDK forum).


          Well, congratualtions getting the debug build. By all accounts that's the hard part.

          It sounds to me like your installation is faulty. You should not be missing FONT MANAGER.RPLN and SING.APLN, plugins which should be installed by the debug build installer.


          Did you update to, or are you still runing 7.5.0? The update might help.


          Otherwise I would uninstalland reinstall.


          Visual Studio doesn't sound like it is related to your problem.

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            Roddy Ide Level 1

            Hi Sameer,


            the errors about the Font Manager and SING plug-ins are usually seen when VS2005 SP1 isn't installed. That behaviour is a known issue in CS5/CS5.5 debug.



            I'd suggest that you uninstall InDesign and all your Visual Studio versions, then reinstall them in the order:


            Visual Studio 2005

            Visual Studio 2005 SP1
            Visual Studio 2008

            InDesign debug


            Hopefully this will get you up and running.



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              sam617 Level 1

              Thanks Roddy it worked for me