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    musegenerated site not working on host server


      first off I love the muse software (little diapointed it will be subscription based once it's out of beta)


      none the less I have a peronsonal web site hosted with PapaHost.ca and using "fileZilla" up loaded all files of my Muse generated site to my domain "http://geraldsgraphicsdesign.ca"  the site run fine off my hard-drive but not at all off my domain, previousely I had made my sie the hard way with my limmited knoledg of code in dream weaver and it worked fine, seeing as none off the files (save the index.html file) are the same and all files (save the index.html file) are diffent from my Dream weaver site, I have the dream weaver site and the muse site files uploaded and I am using my working Dream Weaver site index.html for now as it is working. But if you go to "http://geraldsgraphicsdesign.ca/star-wreck.html"  the muse generated portion of the site you will see its not working. a zip of the Muse site files can be downloaded here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20407918/New%20Site.zip


      I am realy wonder why I am having this problem!

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          GeraldLang Level 1

          Ok found my problem, thank to contacting my server provider, when I made my orginal site in Dream Weaver I made the directotry "Images" for my site whan I up loaded my Muse site It use the Directory "images" and my server provider is case senitive!  Changin my "I" to an "i"  on the sevrer fixed the problem!


          if I had deleted every thing and stared form schratch when I uploaded I would have never had this problem