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    2012 processing worst on noise than 2010?

    Victor Wolansky Level 1

      Just noticed when importing photos from my 5D MKIII on the low light parts at ISO 100 that the photos have a lot of unexpected noise based on my previous experince with this kind of photography, so I went back and checked on some of my low light 5D MKII photographs, and they had now in LR 4 noise that didn't have on LR3.x ....  to my surprise that showed up when switching to the 2012 processing, switching the photos back to 2010 makes the blacks look MUCH MUCH better... then tested with the 5D MKIII photos and they look also way much better on 2010 process than in 2012....  what is going on with this?  Check on my attached photo.2012worstthan2010.jpg