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    Dreamweaver freezing


      I'm having a problem with Drewamweaver (CS3). Everything appears to be working fine until I try to open a page to edit. The page will not open, hovering over the work area brings up a timer and Dreamweaver freezes and has to be shut down. I've re-installed CS3, to no avail. As I wasn't asked to re-key the seial number and the re-installed software immediately recognised all the web sites and their FTP's and passwords, I assume it wasn't completely un-installed meaning any bugs may still have been there.


      I have CS3 installed on my laptop so I transferred the files across. I was able to open pages from a couple of older web sites, however as soon as I tried to open a page from my most recent site, it froze again, and won't let me open any pages from any sites. The assumption must be that the problem lies with the new site or something in it. Any ideas how to track the problem and deal with it?




      Ian MacLeod