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    Audition CS 5.5 as part of e-learning suite 2.5 playback issues

    Colday213 Level 1

      Hi all.


      When editing and saving numerous .mp3 files in Audition CS 5.5 I have noticed that often the playback bar and sound do not match up.


      In essence the playback bar moves across the waveform faster than the playback would suggest, however, this means that when the playbar gets to the end of the waveform, playback stops.


      The only way I have found to remedy this is to save the selection, exit Audition and restart the computer. (Windows XP).


      Has anyone come across this before?


      Is there a fix for it?


      The computer is a networked office based PC, running Windows Xp Pro SP3 on an Athlon Dual Core Processor (4450B) @ 2.29Ghz and 1.75GB of RAM (guess this is shared with the graphics).


      We are in the process of upgrading these machines shortly but I'm looking for a fix now so we can make sure it is applied for the new builds.



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          Teetow1 Level 1

          It's been my experience that certain soundcards report their position inaccurately, leading to exactly the issues you describe. The fact that a restart seems to help further indicates that the soundcard driver is misbehaving.


          It might be a tricky thing to debug if you don't have multiple soundcards (and, really, only us freaks do) but you could try messing around with using different driver modes in the audio hardware configuration dialog. It's all down to your particular sound card and its drivers.

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            _colin_ Adobe Employee

            Sounds like you're dropping out from sound card issue or system resources...things to check/try:


            1) check sound card latency: it could account for this or possibly overcome it, I might suggest increasing the latency under preferences > audio hardware and see if this improves your performance. Do you know what kind of sound card it is?


            2) Check resources: Even by doing that you may not resolve the problem if the RAM, CPU and/or disks are busy or taking hits from other applications. This can create negative impact on the real time performance needed for playback. Disk I/O bottle necks are a common cause of latency and drop outs (on any audio system). So maybe also check your system resources and see if you're maxed on memory (and thus swapping memory to disk).


            3) Move temp or audio to a different drive than system if possible.


            4) Disable or shutdown unnecessary services or applications when working with audio, generally it's not an issue, but if you have many things installed that are taking resources, some application will end up the "victim" or show signs of problems.


            5) Virus scanners can be part of this problem too, so try this w/o real time file checking on (temporarily).



            there's lots of possibilities here, but I think the above stuff is a good place to start.