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    Access to workstation name

    FUBARinSFO Newcomer


      Is there a way to access any "system" variables with Acrobat JavaScript?  I haven't been able to find anything (other than Date()) in the references.  This is outside the scope of core JavaScript, as far as I know.


      In particular, I want to be able to pluck the workstation name string and insert it in a footer.


      Thank you in advance.


      -- Roy Zider

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          try67 Legend

          There isn't a direct way to do that, but I think it might be possible by

          smartly manipulating the various results provided by app.getPath().

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            FUBARinSFO Newcomer

            Maybe, but unlikely.  'path' itself is a misnomer, since it delivers both path and filename.  And fails to report the drive.


            It occurs to me that maybe a better approach to this whole thing is to do the pdf manipulation from Windows Scripting Host.  Then at least all the file and system information will be available. 


            I haven't looked at LiveCycle or xfa or SOAP or other possible technologies.  I understand ADBC was dropped from Adobe X.  It would have provided a simple way to read or import an external file with the information of interest, that could then be added to a header/footer.


            -- Roy Zider

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              try67 Legend

              I'm not talking about path, which returns the full path of a file

              (including the drive letter, by the way), but about app.getPath() which can

              return various system- and user-level folders used by Acrobat. Many times

              these contain the name of the currently logged-in user, as well as some

              other information.

              Maybe you can be a bit more specific about what exactly you want to get?

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                gkaiseril Ninja

                With Acrobat JS not the workstation ID. File paths and URL for a  PDF stored on a network drive is possible:


                console.println("\nthis.URL:\n" + this.URL);
                console.println("\nthis.path:\n" + this.path)



                /ORDHOME.CHICAGO.ISRWORLDWIDE.COM/GEORGE$/My DocumentsISR/Adobe/Console.pdf



                You could use additional Acrobat  JS to extract the path or remove the file name and extension.

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                  FUBARinSFO Newcomer



                  I'd be interested in seeing how you get the drive letter from 'this.path'.  I've not been able to do it.


                  The function app.getPath() returns the dpath (drive-path) of various folders created during installation. I didn't see any reference in the API to any system information.


                  What I'm trying to do is very simple: in a footer, I want to post the workstation name of the host that's stamping the pdf.  So, '[MPX2] D/My Documents/test logs.pdf' and '[K7N] D/My Documents/test logs.pdf' for workstations MPX2 and K7N, bzw.


                  -- Roy Zider

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                    try67 Legend

                    this.path.substring(1,2) will return the drive letter where the current

                    file is located.

                    I don't think you can get the local name of the workstation using

                    app.getPath(), though. You can get the name of the current user...

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                      FUBARinSFO Newcomer



                      You are so right.  Substring not necessary (but good reminder of another method).  I misread my own system. 


                      I've got three workstations active; on one of them[MPX2]  the drive assignments are simple: C: and D;  on another [K7N] the directories are treed: D:\D, D:\E, D:\F, and so forth.  I read /D/MyDox/<filename> as being on the K7N workstation with the 'virtual' sub-drive directory structure, when in fact I was on the other workstation (MPX2)   I had lost track of which system I was woking with. 


                      Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for bucking this back to me.


                      -- Roy Zider