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    dreamweaver cs5.5 with phoneGap on osx Lion will not launch ios simulator

    daniel hanna

      Once upgrading my system to Lion, dreamweaver cannot launch the ios simultor anymore.  Initially it would error out when building an app, but I fixed that by updating Camera.h. 


      The app I am trying to build is just the sample jQuery mobile starter page included w/ dreamweaver.  I can build and run apps now, but dremweaver cannot open the simulator, so I have to open the prioject in xcode to simulate.


      Does anyone know how to fix dreamweaver to allow launching ios simulator (in lion)?


      @Adobe Dev Team - When does adobe plan to launch a patch for this?




      OSX Lion 10.7.3

      xCode 4.3.2

      dreamweaver cs5.5 with the latest updates

      latest phonegap dreamweaver extention


      Any help is greatly appreciated,