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    What is the equivilant of the Cyan/Red slider?

    kevin4545 Level 1

      I'm so used to the color balance tool, but I love that camera raw is so easy to change a large folder of images quickly without an action.


      The whitle balance (is like blue/yellow slider), and the tint, (which is like the magenta/ green slider), there is no equivilant of the red/ cyan slider there?


      Ditto same question for the white/ black points in the levels adjustment layer -- is there an equivilant of that in camera Raw? So nice to be able to quickly click on a white spot and see it everything becomes nuetral. Don't see that ability in Camera Raw, maybe I missed it. (assuming you did not take a grey card shot for the white balance tool).


      Finally I remember, is it lightroom though that there were all these color sliders, very in depth, can't locate that now! thanks.