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    "Lost Link" err msg


      I'm a PM "newbie" trying to access PM6 pubs in PM7 which apparently converts PM6 pubs for use in PM7. However "lost link" err msgs appear for several files. I answered "ignore all" and the conversion continued but nothing from the PM6 pub appears in the PM7 screen.


      (1) is this due to "lost link" err msg ?  If so, how do i correct ?

      (2) if not due to "lost link" msg what am i doing wrong ?




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Newbie? Seriously…stop right now.




          Don’t even bother. PM is DEAD and not worth 5 minutes of your time to learn.




          Look into InDesign instead.




          BTW, in pagelayout applications, graphics are linked to their source files, not embedded. That means if you have a photo you need the actual file.