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    Bug: 3D Lighting Duplication

    HowardPinsky ACP

      I may have found a bug in regards to 3D Lights.


      Steps to reproduce:


      - Opened an image in Photoshop CS6 Beta.

      - Created a standard text layer.

      - Extruded the text.

      - In the 3D Panel, I selected the default Infinite Light 1.

      - In the Properties Panel, I clicked on the Custom dropdown to choose a new preset.

      - Selecting any of the presets created a new light, and in some cases, 2 new lights.


      Expected behavior:


      Choosing a preset should change the current light's properties, rather than adding a new light.

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          HowardPinsky ACP

          Anyone else able to confirm this behavior?

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            Pete.Green Adobe Employee

            Hi Howard,


            When selecting a light preset it changes the lights for the scene you're working in, including altering the lights (and amount of them) that are there.


            For instance, if you start with a basic Infinite (default) light then switch to the Fire preset, you'll notice 2 lights now, and the colors and settings of both lights has been adjusted to create the Fire preset.

            So it does change the current light's color, as well as adding a new second light with a color to get the desired effect intended by the preset.


            Moving from there, Select the Hard Lights preset --

                           Now you have 3 lights, all of them different color from the Fire colors (which were reds and orange, and now all 3 are grays)


            Is this not what you're seeing Howard?




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              HowardPinsky ACP

              Yep, this is what I'm experiencing, though it doesn't seem like that should be the behavior. Usually, when selecting a custom preset with an active layer/element, it changes the properties of that layer/element.


              For instance, If I add a Curves Adjustment Layer, and choose a custom preset, it doesn't add a new Curves Adjustment Layer. It simply updates the current selected one.


              To the average user, if they wanted to add a new light, they would use the New Light button, then select a preset, if desired.


              If this behavior is 'as designed', the label should read something like "New Light from Preset". Nothing tells the average user that selecting a preset will add a new light.