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    Flash Player 11 plugin failure on page load(32 bit, WinXP, FireFox 11)



              New forum user here - however, I must ask: why is the Flash Player plugin failing whenever a Flash object is loaded?

      Before you say anything, bear in mind that I HAVE checked the Adobe help files on "My Flash player plugin crashed" and so on, as well as the Mozilla plugin check. Many times over.


      Here are the specific versions:

      Windows XP Professional 32-bit

      Firefox 11.0

      Flash Player plugin


      A few other things I've tried:

      - Running on Safari, Chrome, IE 8, etc. Most of the time, the browser crashes.

      - Downgrading to Flash Player plugin ver. 10.3. Nada, plugin still crashes.

      (I'm using YouTube to test plugin functionality.)

      Finally, I'd like to note that I've also tried reinstalling, uninstalling, deleting AppData folders, deleting Program Files files, etc. Still, nothing.


      This problem only started to occur today, if I recall correctly.


      If there's some sort of method to recover a crash report, please post and I'll be more than glad to produce a report.