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    CRASH  CS6


      My cs6 beta crashes after I do a lot of things such as content aware etc.  This only happens when I have been working with photos for a long time (an hour or so).  I do not know if it occurs when I have bveen working on an individual photo or when I am working on multiple photos.

      I only know that this has happened at least 3 times and it cannot be tolerated.




      Gil Audette


      e-mail addeess gilbus@embarqmail.com

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          Chris Cox Adobe Employee

          What OS version are you using?

          And what does the crash report say?

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            gilb2 Community Member

            WINDOWS XP


            My recollection it said something like  We are sorry Adobe             required to shot down    I don't remember the exact notice.  I have had 2 chat sessions with Adobe.  The first one they


            told me to go to a forum; that link could not be opene d.  The second  one sent me to the same forum that I have available "join discussion" when I open cs6.  Both of these simply closed the chat session


            after they told me that so I could not question them further.




            My real problem is not what I say etc about the crash but how can I send it in.  I have tried looking at your comments; still can't find how to send.  I am mising something of course but all I need


            is a send button.





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              gilb2 Community Member





              My previous reply was very short on information and patience. Lets see if I can correct both.




              Just today I was doing a lot of gradient work and it crashed.




              Message "CS6 has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconveince"




              I am operation in Windows XP.  Of course I am limited to 3gig ram which limites me to around 1.7gig available to CS6; may this be a problem?  My scratch disk has


              over 350gig unused.




              Thanks for any help you can give me.




              Gil Audette

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                Curt Y Community Member

                Not the expert Chris is, but it is a safe bet you are runnig out of memory.


                You say "My cs6 beta crashes after I do a lot of things such as content aware etc", which is a good clue.


                With limited resources you can dial down the histry states, and watch which proceedues you use.  If you can flatten image after a few image intense proceedures.


                If you start with a 1 meg file you can gain in size rapidly.  If you do a whole gaussian blur to a layer now you have a 2 meg file.  Each time to do something it adds to file slze.


                Liquify and probably content aware of a large section can eat up a lot of resources.


                Seems like each new version requires more horsepower.  A 64 bit machine with 8 gigs of RAM is now becoming the min. machine to be able to uses all the features of the program.

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                  Noel Carboni Community Member

                  gilb2 wrote:


                  WINDOWS XP


                  It's time to move up to a more modern OS.