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    Registration form question...


      I'm starting a new project and the client wants a registration from that shows what people choose in a separate box. To better illustrate:



      What is being asked is a registration form in the "Main Content" area, where people can choose what classes they want to sign up for; and the choices being shown in the "Submission Form" area as they choose them. I'm just wondering if that's possible with dreamweaver or is it more of adobe flash I should be working with.


      Any help with this would be appreciated. Possible links or some kind of tutorial around this. Thanks!

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          First, you definitely don't need and shouldn't use Flash for this.


          Basically it sounds to me like you are looking for a cart type functionality without any payment processing.  How well versed with you on server-side languages (eg: PHP), databases (eg: mySQL) and Javascript?  If you are not,you may want to look for scheduling scripts ( http://www.hotscripts.com/search/php/scheduling ).  That's where I would start and evaluate based on how much control the client wants on the backend for this registration process.

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            TheDigital Level 1

            Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. And my knowledge around PHP, databases, and Javascript is close to none. The site will be all maintained by me, it's just it's something he feels wanted to make things easier on the site. But thanks a lot for the info. Definitely will look more into this.