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    liquify problems


      I noticed that liquify is not very responsive (like with the release of cs5) this time it is impossible to choose a bush size smaller than 151 next step is 300 etc.


      Also the image looks low res in liquify window ( i know this is not my mac pro machine, because everything works normal and fast in CS5.5)


      Also the target is way to thick and large and makes it difficult to see the image when applying local liquifying tool.


      Same goes for target when using path tool...it is possible to make the targets thinner/smaller or more opaque?

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          eclic Community Member

          you probably have a video card driver that needs a driver update or your card is upsupported.


          see this thread:



          if you launch liquify holding down option you will launch in CPU mode - which is the same as CS5. you wont have a pixelated preview.

          they dont really talk much about many people having to use CPU mode.

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            Trevor.Dennis MVP

            You can Alt/Opt right click and drag to get infinitely variable brush size from 1 pix to something like 3000 pixels.

            You can also zoom in to the area you want to edit for finer control.


            I am not clear on what your point is re the Path tool.

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              ndbmphoto Community Member

              I am using a 3 month old ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card in a  2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 8GB of ram and I am having no problems in CS5.5


              also I don't like the fact that I have to use Alt/Opt !! If I use my wacom intuos5 pen and want to select a number between 1 and 151 I should be able to! Don't you think??


              As for the path tool.... I would like it when they offer an option to make the symbol more opaque.. I know it's there but prefer to see the area where I am working on and see a little less of the marching ants and the crosshair etc.. (this is not a bug, just a suggestion!)

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                ndbmphoto Community Member



                holding down the option key while opening liquify worked like a charm!! everything works normal that way...except for the size...still 1 or 151 and above

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                  ndbmphoto Community Member

                  okay the option opne liquify works for resolution but now I can't liquify anything....hmmm

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                    john worthington Adobe Employee

                    Please verify your video card driver. Even at 3 months, your driver can be outdated.


                    If that does not help can you cut and paste your system information here?

                    The system info can be located in Photoshop at Help>System Info.


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                      ndbmphoto Community Member

                      I went to the AMD.com website but there are no updates for the driver

                      Can't find a driver upgrade for my graphics card and frankly never heard anybody talk about this or have never done this.

                      Why would don't I have any problems in  CS5.5?


                      Okay tried  help and typed in system info but nothing but set system preferences comes up


                      here is what I can find in my mac pro under graphics/Displays


                      ATI Radeon HD 5870:


                        Chipset Model:          ATI Radeon HD 5870

                        Type:          GPU

                        Bus:          PCIe

                        Slot:          Slot-1

                        PCIe Lane Width:          x16

                        VRAM (Total):          1024 MB

                        Vendor:          ATI (0x1002)

                        Device ID:          0x6898

                        Revision ID:          0x0000

                        ROM Revision:          113-C0780C-194

                        EFI Driver Version:          01.00.436


                      LED Cinema Display:

                        Resolution:          2560 x 1440

                        Pixel Depth:          32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

                        Display Serial Number:          W81473ML6JL

                        Main Display:          Yes

                        Mirror:          Off

                        Online:          Yes

                        Rotation:          Supported

                        Connection Type:          DisplayPort

                      Cinema HD Display:

                        Resolution:          1920 x 1200

                        Pixel Depth:          32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

                        Mirror:          Off

                        Online:          Yes

                        Rotation:          Supported


                      Hope this helps

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                        john worthington Adobe Employee

                        Liquify was heavily reworked for CS6. So most parts of it are different from CS5.5. A great deal of GPU acceleration was added.


                        If your Liquify preview has a one pixel black border then you are in CPU mode, not the accelerated GPU mode. If Liquify is starting in CPU mode you can press the control key immediately after starting it and it will show and alert telling you why it could not run in the accelerated GPU mode on your Mac.



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                          ndbmphoto Community Member

                          there is no 1px border and if I use the control key right after opening liquify there is no message or error code...but for some reason I can't liquify the image

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                            john worthington Adobe Employee

                            Is there any chance you have the Show Backdrop checked?


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                              ndbmphoto Community Member

                              yes I did... thanks for the help


                              another question: why is the liquify circle and crosshear so thick? when I open the liquify while holding down the option key everything works and looks the same as in cs5.5


                              Is this going to change in the final version?

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                                john worthington Adobe Employee

                                I'm glad I could help.


                                The thick cursor only occurs on certain video cards. Unfortunately we did not find it in time to get it fixed for CS6.