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    Images Not Updating Correctly




      So, I have 12 images that appear on across approximately 500 pages.  I created these images in PSD and are saved as .png.  I decided the size of the images were not to my liking, so, I edited them to my liking.  I figured I'd just add the updated images to my folder in Dreamweaver and it would update automatically.  Well, to an extent, it did.  It took the updated images which are now a smaller size than the original and stretched it to the size of the original.  Clicking refresh does not get it to the correct size.  Live view also shows the stretched image. Restarting Dreamweaver also does not solve the issue.  The only way I've found to get it to the correct size is to click on each image and then click the refresh button in the properties panel next to height and width.  It wouldn't be a big deal if it was only a few of them, but in my situation I've got roughly 6000 images I'd have to individually refresh.  So, is there an easier way to get all the images to refresh at once?