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    How to reorganize folders


      (Lightroom 4 on Windows 7 x64)




      i'd like to reorganize my folders.


      Currently my folders looks like this:




      and I want them to be like this




      (One folder per year, one folder for every month of that year, and ohne folder for every day of that month)


      There are 10.000+ fotos in my current catalogue, so I don't want to move/copy/rename anything manually

      Of course I don't want to loose any adjustments I made or virtual copies I created.


      Would it be possible to

      1. Create a new catalogue

      2. Import all the pcitures from disk, letting LR move them to the new structure

      3. Fire up the old catalogue and relink the files from the new location with out any loss?


      Any help is appreciated.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Creating a new catalog like this is not really possible -- you will lose your virtual copies and adjustments and collections and keywords and everything else you have done already in LR.


          Furthermore, re-organizing folders like this is, in my opinion, the wrong direction to go in. To be blunt, in my opinion such a re-organization of folders and folder names is a sub-optimal use of your time. You would be better off putting this energy into developing a good set of keywords and captions for your photos, and use those instead of folder names/locations for your organizing and searching.

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            I use a similar format but do not create a folder for each month. The format you want is available as an import option but the final folder will not have just the DD. I find having a longer name on the date folder is a nice safety feature when I use the wrong import. I copy my photos to an external backup drive as part of the import and the full YYYY-MM-DD is useful for this.


            I redid my photo directory recently. I created folder from LR (right click on the disk/folder where you want the new folder) so LR shows it. You can drag all the individual day folders as groups to the new folder just do it in LR. I was using external disks so it took a few minutes to process but on the same disk, it should be fast.

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              dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

              What about YYYY \ YY-MM-DD ?


              It would be easy to reorganize (now that LR4 supports multiple folder moving) and has the advantage of one hierarchy level fewer, which means less clicking. Of course, ut has the disadvatage if having more sibling at a particular hierarchy level (year).

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                Mhath Level 1

                Thanks for your input.


                As there seem to be no automated way of doing this, I took on the task to reorganize all folders manually.

                I kept to my original target structure of YYYY \ MM \ DD. I started on the current year and am now working my way back to 2003. Oh yes, there is some serious amount of clicking and dragging involved, but at least I know what to do in the evening for the next few days