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    301 Redirects

    Lynda-S Champion

      I know how to create 301 redirects for webpages inside the admin. However is there a way to create a 301 redirect for a page that does not exist? Example: I go to mysite.com/no-page - that page does not exist yet I want that page to redirect to mysite.com/page -


      I could upload a page called "no-page" and change the redirect but if done very much this can cause a lot of unnecessary pages.

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          Liam Dilley Mythic

          Lynda, Have you downloaded the spreadsheet?

          When you do that you can whack everything down on mass but in the new interface layout when you add a new redirect you can add a file name which doe not exist in there too.


          Goolgle can slap you on the wrist if it realises those pages never existed and your trying to do redirects.

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            Lynda-S Champion

            Thanks for the information Liam. I got it now =>  Also most of the pages I am redirecting were never indexed by Google so I am not too concerned.

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              LaibaTech Newcomer

              Hi Liam,


              I have a similar issue.


              We are negotiating with a client who has a ecommerce site on ZenCart, a php opensource cart.  He has been running this website for a while and is concerned about drop in rankings if he moves to BC.  Please guide how we can convince him, and also maintain his SEO after moving to BC.