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    Can not sign in

    Moshe a Level 1

      Hi All


      "sign in has failed the username and password do not match"


      That error is known, but I forgot how to solve it. Anybody?

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          tim.hughes Level 2

          this might sound daft. but have you recently changed the password?

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            Stu_Neely Level 1

            exact same message, any answers? I did change my adobe ID passsword but not sure why or how I should update that within InDesign. I can still log in to folio producer and web apps.

            Any Answers Adobe?

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              tim.hughes Level 2

              you shouldn't have to update it anywhere, your new password should be the password set for all your adobe services linked to your account? if it's not taking your new password then change it back to the old one and sign out of the builder from inside indesign, then change the password to the new one and sign back in, i've read somewhere that indesign gets confused if you have the "stay signed in" option checked when it comes to password changes etc

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                Stu_Neely Level 1

                For anyone else who has this problem with InDesign - Open you apple keychain and update your Adobe ID password there. This is where InDesign is looking and getting old password which wont match Your adobe ID if you have updated it.Hope this helps.