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    Cannot print using ShellExecute("printto) by Reader X (10.1.2)




      My application performs printing PDF documents using Adobe Reader by calling ShellExecuteEx(..., verb:="printto", ...).


      It succeeds printing if Reader 8.3, 9.5 is installed. When Reader Reader 10.x is installed call to ShellExecuteEx succeeds also, however:

      • If Protected Mode is enabled, AcroRd32.exe is launched properly (broker & sandbox), but no print job is submitted in to printer's queue;
      • If Protected Mode is disabled, document is printed as properly.


      Important note: OS is W7-32, ShellExecute is launched in session 0, account is not LocalSystem.

      AdobeReaderPatch10.1.2_cpsid_92870.exe doesn't help.


      Is it possible to print files using ShellExecute(Ex) when Protected Mode is enabled?


      Thanks in advance.



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          This is what I have seen suggested on other sites.


          The DDE application name used to start the conversation with the opened Acrobat session changes between versions 9 and 10. 


          I have only one suggestion and it is totally manual and might not help, but FWIW:


          In Windows 7 download and start CreativeElementPowerTools, and bring back the ability to edit file types.

          Start Windows Explorer, select a .pdf file.  Right click and select Edit File Types.

          This will bring up the old Windows XP File Type Applet.  You can add and modify verbs here.  Add the printto (I found the command line needed in an Acrobat 9 installation in the registry), and make sure "Send DDE message . . . " is not checked.  Save it.


          Run the application again and see what you get.

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            PK_Developer Level 1

            Sorry to Alg1976, my answer is non-sensical.  I attempted to use the above tool to put back the "printto" verb information in the registry.  No dice.


            One thing I can say, I am experiencing the same phenomenon in Windows XP and Reader X (10.1.3).


            I use ShellExecuteEx with the "printto" verb and I get no errors either, but no document shows up in the selected printer's queue.  It was working fine in 9, but not in 10, and I haven't seen any way to fix it.  However it was suggested I write my own DDE conversation so that I could make use of the changed Application Server Name (from "acroview" to "acroviewR10").


            If you solve this problem, can you post here what you did? 


            I keep wondering if somehow my Reader 10 installation was faulty.  I will explore that possiblity.

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              alg1976 Level 1

              Hello, I tried to use DDE convesation to walk around this problem, but it didn't help also.

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                I am having a similar issue with Reader X 10.1.3.  This thread is the closest thing I've seen.


                I am trying to print a pdf with a service using Shell Execute via powershell (Start-Process -FilePath $infile –Verb Print).  When the service is running by itself and protected mode is disabled, it works fine.  When it is enabled, however, it does not work.  The strange thing is that if the login for the service is also logged on locally (e.g. Remote Desktop), it then prints fine with protected mode on.


                I've also been able to recreate with my personal login and using SysInternal's psexec.


                We are processing external pdfs, so I'd very much like to have protected mode enabled.