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    XML Usage

    Matt Belshaw

      I am writing a flash movie at present and am learning on the fly as it were.  I've reached a point now where i need a good tutorial, but lynda.com and other such places dont appear to have what i need.


      Im looking to learn how to read an XML file such as a wordpress database, pull out salient information, i.e  look for posts in the database with the tag "Article" and allow the user to see a list of them, and then view the one they want from within my flash movie. 


      secondary, i'd also like the movie to look into an images folder, and create a gallery of those images.


      im sure most of you have gathered that i'm basically trying to create a flash movie that i dont have to interfere with once its set up, and simply add new content by uploading images into a folder, or adding posts to the wordpress database, from a wordpress blog.


      And links to suitable tuts, or any advice that can be offered on this would be most gratefully appreciated.



      Many Thanks