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    How to delete an unwanted catalogue




      I have slipped up, not badly, but annoyingly with my catalogue for LR4.


      This is what I have done....


      I installed LR4 Beta, and imported some photos from my LR3 installation. Probably not the wisest approach I now realise.


      Now that I have purchased LR4 (upgrade), and installed it including RC4.1 I realise that I have a catalogue that only contains the images I imported with the Beta version. I still have the original images, and sidecar files in my LR3 catalogue. What I want to do is remove the LR4 catalogue that I currenly have, and then export my catalogue from LR3 and import into LR4. I think I am OK with the Export / Import bit (I have Martin Evening's excellent book). What I don't know how to do is remove the catalogue, or contents thereof from LR4. I could of course just remove all the images from the catalogue by deleting them but I want to be careful here, as I got into this situation by doing things the wrong way in the first place.


      Can anyone offer any assistance, or advice I would be very grateful?


      Thanks in anticipation.





      Windows 7 64-Bit

      LR4.1 and LR3.6