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    css in cfdocument

    kt03 Level 1


      my code below is working fine except the css didn't work if i have scope="row" in report.cfm page.  if  i removed that line, then the front size worked fine, otherwise, it was small.  I always have td scope in the cfm page with css with those style and it worked fine, but don't know if scope has something to do with cfdocument?





      <cfif form.submit neq "">

      <cfsavecontent vairable="session.report">

      <td scope="row">My Report</td>




      <a href=pdf.cfm">view pdf</a>



      <cfset request.theReport = session.report />


      <cfdocument format="pdf" orientation="landscape" marginRight=".5" marginLeft=".5">


      body, table, th, td {font: normal normal normal 15px/normal, Arial;