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    Upgrading to CS6 from CS5?

    johnd59898678 Level 1

      Please help me to see if I understand Adobe's recent upgrade offer correctly...


      I currently have Design Premium Suite 5.0 for Mac.


      Looking at the CS6 Preordering page, it looks like "Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium" have replaced the former "Design Premium" (i.e. they have "combined the previous Design Premium and Web Premium with a few modifications, but that appears to be the closest to what I have now). If I pre-order this upgrade today from my current Design Premium 5.0, the upgrade cost would be $749.00


      However, I am also seeing an offer that if I upgrade right now (before May 6th, 2012) to Design Premium Suite 5.5 the upgrade to 5.5 would cost me $399. That page also states "BUY CS5.5 NOW AND GET CS6 AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, OFFER ENDS MAY 6TH, 2012".


      My question is:


      If I purchase the 5.5 Design Premium Upgrade today for $399, when CS6 is released do I get the FREE upgrade to "Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium"? I am unclear as to what CS6 FREE package I would be entitled to since they apparently have combined the Design and Web Suites???



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes. That's the deal and if I were you I'd jump on it.




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            Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

            Yes Choreo, you are correct. If you purchase Design Premium CS5.5 or Web Premium CS5.5 right now, you will get a free upgrade to Design&Web Premium CS6.


            Its a great deal for our customers. You can hop onto it right away.




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              johnd59898678 Level 1

              Thanks for the clarification/confirmation. I will definately take advantage of that offer!


              I also have After Effects CS5 (separately), but it looks like there is not price advantage to doing the 5.5 interim upgrade on that single product (same price either way).

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                johnd59898678 Level 1

                I went ahead and purchased the CS5.5 Upgrade today - so that is out of the way.


                But am I correct that there is no such similar upgrade incentive for a single product like After Effects CS5?


                Regarding After Effects "standalone" from what I can tell, my upgrade cost to CS6 would be the same as if I had never upgraded to CS5 (i.e. the upgrade price to CS 6 from CS3 and CS4 is the same as upgrading from CS5) - about $350, but if I upgraded to AECS5.5 then the jump to CS6 would be about $175, but if I upgrade "now" to AECS5.5, it would be $179 + another $175 when AECS6 comes out - is that right? $179 seems like a fair upgrade price from AECS5 to AECS6, but $350 is pretty steep for just one product - especially since 5.5 was not a full incremental jump?