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    Retail price does not work

    Earthan Level 1



      Man am I getting a head ache over this.  Spent the last 5 hours trying to work this one out.......  less than impressed.


      This product for example:



      In the back end it has a retail price set to $1300 and a sale price of $1200


      The price setting on the produce shows "AU - Consumer $1200.00"


      If I change the sale price the price setting changes to that.


      Now regardless if the product is ticked as onsale or not, the checkout displays the onsale price every time right accross the site.


      I am at a complete loss and to be honest already sick of the problems I have having with this product and the $1500 template that should work right out of the box...



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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hey Paul.

          Just going through some bits first so they are clear you may realise some or all of this already.


          - Recommended Retail Price is of course the RRP not the actual sale price.

          - The price below that is sell price, not sale price. Some people make that mistake which I have seen a number of times. Sell price is the price it sells for.



          - On Sale? - when set, the tag {tag_onsale} in the                 large product layout renders 1 if product on sale, otherwise 0.


          If a product is on sale you change the price and tick the on Sale option.


          In terms of layout and look and feel this is CSS etc. You can set the above tag as part of a class on elements which changes depending on if it is on sale or not. You can then add style, hide elements, show elements, show an image that says "on sale" and so on.


          As a last note any 3rd party template you purchase has nothing to do with BC and if you feel there is any faults with it contact the people who you got it from to inform them.

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            Earthan Level 1

            ahhh so the retail price is just a fake to show what the customer might pay, it is not an actual price.  The sale price is the price and you adjust that for the cart only. 


            Here I was thinking I can switch between sale and retail by clicking the check box for on sale or not on sale.  A little couter intuitive but I get it.  Thanks for the clarification.


            Yeah I understand the template has nothing to do with BC... lots of script conflicts...


            I paid for the template through a BC developer but it is not her work.  I found it on tribevita.com then contacted a BC developer about it, paid her, she has the template and has put in on my BC account so I have no idea who the original creator of the template is.  If it is tribevita, I did not buy it directly from them so I gather I have to pay the developer to chase it up.  Something a little odd about that arrangement....



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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Retail Price is always that everywhere


              tribevita.com will be the developers of the template, but those guys would not ship a buggy template. Sounds like the Developer you got did not do a good job modifying for you if you have lots of issues.
              Nothing strange about the arrangement though. You hired someone, they bought a template to use to modify, While I am not a total fan of that it helps keeps the cost and development time down for you.

              I of course do not know the situation but if you still talking with your developer I would get them to fix up/address any issues you feel are outstanding.

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                Earthan Level 1

                Good to know.




                Yeah we are all good with the developer.  Just a little frustrated at this point in time.  Perhaps an indication to walk away and do something else for a while…