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    Prelude Capture




      Will prelude work with tape ingest from firewire and from capture cards from AJA, Blackmagic and Matrox?


      Prelude can export to Tape?



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          No. Prelude is for tapeless media. It does not capture from tape, and it doesn't write to tape.

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            Taverino Level 2



            So if I have HDV footage that I have captured some other way onto my hard disk, can I use it in Prelude? I still have one foot in the HDV tape world, another foot the HDV tapeless world, and will soon be planting my third foot in the DSLR/AVCHD world. How to keep all this organized with an Adobe Cloud workflow is a bit confusing.


            One problem is that Adobe's support for HDV seems half-hearted. For example, I can preview all of my captured HDV footage in Bridge, but Lightroom 4 is unable to preview or import any of it. It will be interesting to see if Prelude can preview my HDV (M2T and MPEG) files. Any words of wisdom? Thanks.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Lightroom is for stills.  Not sure why you'd expect that to import video.

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                Taverino Level 2

                Lightroom does import video into its library and has the ability to catalog that video with keywords and ratings and to perform searches on the metadata. Unfortunately, it doesn't support the captured files from my HDV cameras. In a perfect world, I would have a single repository for all of my video, stills, and audio and be able to find anything with ease. Bridge has not worked well for me since the stills I organize and develop in LR form such a large percentage of my assets.


                I'm working on an eBook project which involves a few hundred stills, several thousand more stills that are combined into time-lapse sequences, a few hundred video clips from three different cameras that are being edited in Premier Pro with some dynamic linking to After Effects, and a bunch of music tracks and voice over tracks. The hardest part of all of this has not been the technical aspects of the software nor the creative decisions to tell the most effective story. It has been keeping all of the source and intermediate pieces organized in a way that doesn't drive me crazy. Lightroom makes it easy for me to find any photo in a few seconds. The media browser in Premier Pro is vastly more primitive. Being able to catalog and search in LR for all of my assets could be good solution for me if all my formats were supported. Exporting assets from LR to a Premiere Pro project would also be nice. I'm looking forward to seeing if there is anything in CS6 such as Prelude that can streamline my workflow.


                Words of wisdom greatly appreciated.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  The best thing to do is to download the trial version of Prelude when it comes out soon and see for yourself whether it will help you.

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                    Does Prelude work with AVCHD files?  I can add markers to MOV files from Canon DSLRs, but not MTS/M2TS files from Panasonic cameras (GH2, etc.).