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    HDV capture - laptop spec.


      I have a user at work who is recording simple video in HDV with a Sony camera. He's having problems capturing the clip on his laptop.

      It's a Dell E6320 with 64-bit Win7, i7 2.7GHz dual core cpu and 8Gb of RAM. He's getting occasional artefacts on capture (red blocks). We tried

      tweaking various settings which helped but haven't cured the problem. I suspect that the overall spec isn't up to the job, but don't

      know enough about video capture to say definitely that he needs new kit (he has a limited budget and I don't want to order a pc

      only to find that it doesn't help). There is a pc in the library which is used for video capture and it has the same 8Gb of ram, but

      with a quad-core cpu - HDV capture works there. Adobe's system requirements state that HDV requires a 3.4GHz cpu, but doesn't

      mention multi-core systems.


      Can anyone advise on where the problem might lie? He's using CS5.5.