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    PLEASE HELP! How do I stop pixelated edges when I rotate images?


      I am designing for the web in CS5 - and everytime I rotate the product images on an angle the edges go all jittery when doc is at 100% (Both when it is exported and in InDesign).


      Yes InDesign is set to Highest image quality, and the images themselves are set to Highest display quality.

      Yes I've used the right export options - I export at highest qualtiy - but the images are (and have to be) 72DPI because they are for web.

      Yes I have the actual PPI and Effective PPI both at 72.

      Images are PNG files to preserve transperancy and to be web friendly.


      You can see in this shot below that the non-rotated image (Dinner Quiz) looks great, but the other angled images look awful.

      Please help! I've been using InDesign for years but never had this trouble until I used CS5 I don't think.



      Mothers Day Top Products2.jpg