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    PNG transparencies glitched


      I'm using Flash Pro CS5.5, on Windows 7 64-bit. When I load many png images into Flash (I put each on a separate layer) and stack them on top of each other, the transparency on these images start getting glitched.

      For example right now I have 20 png images (each with transparent background) imported into a class, each on its own layer but all stacked on top of each other (I need these to be in the same location that's why). The moment I try to add the 21st png image, the 21st image's transparent background will instead be a semi-transparent white silhouette that creates a seam. Any image after the 20th will have that problem. However if I turn certain layers invisible, then the 21st image won't have this problem. In general it seems the program can only display 20-or-so png images visible onscreen at a time in the same area.





      Is there any way to fix this?