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    Scrollable Frames bugs



      I got some errors with drop 19 while creating my first magazine....


      1. Horizontal slider, placed on the left side. On the right side is an image with a contour and a textflow (nor sure whats the name for that n english...). If you scroll the text horizontally to the left, the textflow is as if the image is placed in the text. The issue is, that theres a bug with the overlay and placed mages on top of it, it thinks it is placed within the scrollable text


      2. You cannot leave a page without a button when the scrollable text area is too big. I think at the end of the srollable text the page should flip. Users might be confused if nothing happens. This must be fixed soon. As i have a single license and a tight time frame, i cannot fix it later (without paying for it again..). Drop 19 is nearly useless with.scrollable frames, i read a couple of ther reports naming that issue...


      Hope to get some jelpfull answers. In my opninion, the whole dps is in early beta. I started using it with drop 9, the handling is better now, but some fetures are still missing...

      Kind regards